Calcium and Alzheimers: Who’d ‘ve Thunk!

New studies look at the connection between Alzheimer’s and the way brain cells regulate the amount of calcium they contain in order to stay healthy. Brain cells need to maintain just the right amount of calcium at any given moment. If the cell is not receiving the correct signals, the regulation of calcium goes awry. It is this skewed signaling that causes the calcium channels stay open, thus too much calcium  pours in.

Be clear here, I am not suggesting you are getting too much calcium in your diet, nor am I  taking any position on calcium supplements.   I am paraphrasing studies that demonstrate an abnormal response in brain signals leads to abnormal calcium levels in brain cells, which ultimately can lead to brain disorders, one being Alzheimers.

Some studies revealed evidence that glutamate (MSG) and aspartate (Aspartame of diet drinks and food) can be the cause of the abnormal signaling that causes extended opening of these calcium channels. All of this excess calcium then triggers an especially bad enzyme. This enzyme breaks down the fatty acids that make up the cell membrane. Fatty acids are the building blocks of fats, much like amino acids are the building blocks of proteins.  Arachidonic acid is one of the fatty acids released during this reaction and can cause great harm to a cell’s interior when allowed to accumulate in high concentrations. Things get really complicated from here and a cascade of destruction and death of the cell begins.

Personally I believe there might be many triggers to abnormal signaling. Pesticides being one. And yes I know arachidonic acid is an omega 6 fatty acid that  is used beneficially through out our body. When omega 6 accumulates in high concentrations, it can become harmful. It is a fatty acid that needs balance in our system. That will be another blog someday.

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I am a naturopathic consultant in the village of Casco ME. I hold a masters degree in natural wellness. I am a excellent resource in natural healing and a hound dog when it comes to research. Always "out of the box" research. Because of what I know now, I am committed to a pharmaceutical free home that revolves around organic food and dozens of herbs.
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