Many people are are suffering from complex chronic diseases such as diabetes, autoimmune disorders, heart disease, arthritis, alzheimers, chronic pain and fatigue. Enormous research has emerged within the last 30 years uncovering processes that occur in living organisms (biochemistry). This research indicates an approach to disease prevention and/or health restoration is through nutrition, lifestyle changes, stress reduction, spirituality, harmonizing energy with nature, exercise and reducing toxins. There is a humongous gap between this research and the way the conventional western doctors practice. With a masters degree in Naturopathy, I study this research and put into my practice.

Personally, I  am a self proclaimed alzheimers expert. I have the audacity to believe that I know the path to lock in brain health as we age.  As the former primary caregiver of both parents with alzhiemers disease, you might say I became obsessed with the study and research behind maintaining brain health. My obsession spilled over to a commitment to getting my parents off all pharmaceutical drugs, and treating with superfood herbs, all organic meals, medical marijuana, sunlight, music, aromatherapy, “swimming” and walking exercise. Given from whence we came our success was remarkable. I was 100% committed to their dementia beyond synthetic drugs.
   My husband always adds that the medical marijuana helped me a great deal as well.

If you are at all familiar with alzheimers, you may know brain malfunctions begin at least 20 years prior to any diagnoses. I offer hope  based on the study of biological chemistry, evidenced base cellular science and research asserting a way to change the course of this malfunction.
I will dig deeper, research any disorder, prove my expertise :


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