Medical Marijuana

This eight moments of video should do more than add another layer to the medical marijuana controversy. Very compelling story of a two year old.  On the opposite end of the age spectrum, I have used medical cannabis for the agitation my parents helplessly suffered with due to alzheimers.  At  85, my parent’s despair was deep seated and exhaustive for all of us and  I wanted to do anything that would make them more comfortable.  Antipsychotics and anti anxieties only made things worst.  It was then I obtained legal authorization for medical marijuana.  I only wished it had become legal in my state sooner. That would have meant relief sooner.
I have fully scrutinized this story, Melissa Luck, the reporter is the executive producer of KXLY4 of Spokane Washington. She was originally from the Montana area where little Cash lived. A friend of hers on facebook was sharing the sad story. Melissa investigated and…..

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I am a naturopathic consultant in the village of Casco ME. I hold a masters degree in natural wellness. I am a excellent resource in natural healing and a hound dog when it comes to research. Always "out of the box" research. Because of what I know now, I am committed to a pharmaceutical free home that revolves around organic food and dozens of herbs.
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