Probably Why I Liked Playing in the Mud

Although I copied the below passages from a website from India I remember well studying these ancient healing modalities of the earliest naturopaths, some as early as the twelfth century.

Mud Therapy
Earth was used extensively for remedial purposes in ancient times as well as the middle ages. In modern times, it again came into prominence as it was discovered to have remarkable effects to refresh, invigorate and vitalize the human body; especially during the night. In the method of treatments in naturopathy it is believed that for wounds and skin diseases, application of clay or moistened earth is the only true natural bandage. Thus, the sleeping or lying on the earth is believed to cure body from several ailments. According to naturopathy mud therapy supports in arousing the entire body from its lethargy to a new manifestation of vital energy. The body then effectively removes old morbid matter and receives a sensation of new health, new life and new vigour and strength.

Oddly enough this therapy makes sense to me. And on some level I have used mud therapy. When my husband was sick with cellulitis,  a staph infection that settled on his shin, I had him sit down by the water with a compress of clay and herbs on his shin. His lower leg was quite an ulcerated mess but did heal without antibiotics. 

Fasting Therapy
Fasting means complete abstinence from food for a particular period pertaining to a specific purpose and this is nature`s oldest, most effective and yet least expensive method of treating diseases, recognized as the achievement of natural healing. By depriving the body from food for a specific period of time, the organs of elimination such as the bowels, kidneys, skin and lungs are given opportunity to expel, unhampered the overload of accumulated waste from the system. Thus, fasting is merely the process of purification and an effective and quick method of cure, assisting nature in her continuous effort to expel foreign matter and disease producing waste from the body, thereby correcting the faults of improper diet and wrong living.

With a good understanding of the basics of the biochemistry of the cell, fasting as a healing modality makes good sense to me. Initial fasting for acute diseases has been documented in most of my healing research books. The trouble with fasting, is I am terrible faster. Nevertheless four times a year, we(my husband and I) fast for 24 hrs with a legendary combination of water, lemon, cayenne pepper and maple syrup.  The day is difficult enough but major insomnia at night and by one in the morning we are up eating bowls of cereal. That is in itself kind of fun quality time with my husband so I guess that is therapeutic. In addition, when my husband was sick with the above mentioned disorder, he did use fast therapy for the first 2 days, using a decoction of several plants. 

Water Therapy
The largest constituent of human body is water. About 60 to 70 per cent of the total body weight consists of water. Naturopathy recognizes the importance of water and the role it plays in human body. Water therapy is therefore an important part in the methods of treatment in naturopathy.

Now this is just right for me. Aside from touch, water is the oldest healing modality known to man.  I have been aware of my affinity to water since the age of nine. There  is a reason why I only have images of water on my website.  Immersed in water, I can feel my life energy force, naturopaths often call the vital force. It was one day while swimming in my lake, I thought “Finally I Know my Soul.”  Yet there has been no time in my life when I have been more at one with nature, conscious of my vital force, my harmonized energy and connected with the strength of my spiritual soul, than the last three months when I swam daily in the Caribbean Sea.

I will miss you, Caribbean Sea.  


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I am a naturopathic consultant in the village of Casco ME. I hold a masters degree in natural wellness. I am a excellent resource in natural healing and a hound dog when it comes to research. Always "out of the box" research. Because of what I know now, I am committed to a pharmaceutical free home that revolves around organic food and dozens of herbs.
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