Sound Therapy

Bio-Resonant Sound Therapy is a revolution alternative therapy which use frequencies to balance the body energy. Although it may seem strange when you first hear of sound therapy, the truth is the effects are apparent in everyday life. For example we experience the energizing effect of music every time we hear music that “resonates” with us. Just think of the last time you heard one of your favorite songs.

As previous full time caregiver to my mom who was often deeply agitated because of her alzhiemers forgetfulness, I saw first hand the positive power of music and tones had with my mom. I would program a tone box for my mother with low frequency, deeply relaxing tones.  On the rare occasion I could get my mom to keep headphones on, I could watch as the stress left her face. However headphones were not meant to be and we often chose to fill the room with old familiar music.

Everything Vibrates

In the growing field of “energy medicine” it is well known that our universe is created through patterns of frequency.  Science has now documented what traditional mystics have know forever. Everything that exist in the physical, mental emotional and spiritual realms does so on a vibratory basis. This is obvious if you consider that electrons are always moving and vibrating.

Altering the Body’s Resonance to Effect Healing

All healing interventions must influence the body by somehow altering it’s frequency resonance. Healing has often been affected by such modalities as sound, light, magnetic resonance stimulation, and various other energy medicines techniques that alter the frequency patterns of an individual.  Organic herbs and table food with their inherent dense vitamins, minerals and thousands of catalyst enzymes could be examined from a frequency perspective. Examining from frequency perspective only adds to the explanation of how and why herbs and organic food work to restore and maintain health.  Research indicates that low frequency waveforms seem to activate vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other biological substances and show promise at being able to detoxify frequencies that correlate with with dangerous substances. Further research has shown that when we are deprived of certain light frequencies we can become sick. One of the most fascinating scientific facts to emerge recently is that sound behaves in similar fashion to light. In other words, sound and light act like vitamins and minerals in our body.

Your body is amazing symphony of electro-chemical frequency. If one knows the molecular weight of a chemical, one can calculate the frequency of that. That one not being me, but the very sophisticated software program I use. Therefore a practitioner can deliver a low wave frequency of thousands of compounds through a tone box. Also an experienced practitioner can deliver frequencies based on the ancient Chinese vital force known as Qi-(pronounced chi) This 24 hour recurring cycle is the basis for delivering frequencies that balance energy of our twelve meridians (pathways of energy)


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