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Photo 60Is there such a thing as a good obsession? I think so. I obsessively studied naturopathy for five years to complete my masters degree. Since then I have continued research everyday.

Naturopathy is a challenging journey for those seeking life changing health. Challenging yes, but the change is profound, lasting and outwits chronic disease and pain as we age. I am a sleuth hound when it comes to research on how to reverse disorders and live in health. I teach my knowledge to you.

Contact me because:

  • you are seeking a simple way of embracing health and recognize the importance of change and participation in relationship to your health.
  • you are skeptical of the corporate mass food delivery and the pesticides and toxins delivered with it.
  • you feel pharmaceuticals are getting rich at our expense of debilitating side effects.
  • you are sick of being sick, exhausted or in chronic pain.

How I Can Help

A.N.D. Aggressive Nutrition  Density through herb food and table food.  Without guestion — My healing plan is like no other. It is easily affordable and more importantly it works. To establish my authenticity I will send you a clear overview of how I envision a path to your health and the how I get paid. It is a lot of information and clients typically “think” on it. The many who decide to embark on this commitment, will find I carefully analyze their disorders, research “out of the box”, and teach to you a plan that will forever change your life.

Trust Your Intuition

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