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Rapid Healing

Mar 25, 2016 by Anonymous
First Name Required: Don • 
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Hello Sharlene ,

I should have told you this along time ago. I had very risky surgery for a very risky situation in my neck last June. Everything went exceptionally well in many different ways. The one that I think you would be most interested in is the rate at which I healed. I do believe the doctors had never seen anything like it. That includes regaining lost movement skills, lost sensation, lost strength throughout my body. In the specific location of my neck where the surgery took place the wound healed without complication, also rapidly. I never had much pain and as silly as it might sound, my one week stay in the hospital and three weeks in rehab were almost like a vacation with excellent food.

Thank you again for having shared your expertise with me.

Saved our mother!

Aug 11, 2015 by Anonymous
First Name Required: Tammy • 
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Our mother was diagnosed with a blood disorder 4 years ago. The prognosis was grim; we were seeing an oncologist, blood transfusions were scheduled with the talk of chemotherapy as the disease progressed. We met Charlene shortly thereafter, she carefully assessed our Mom (who had no interest whatsoever in meeting with this natural path)
Once we had the plan in place our mother agreed to take the herbs. Four years later, she is holding her own, the disease has not progressed at all; in fact her transfusions are less frequent. This past week at her oncologists appointment, he told her she should be dead by now. Not only is she alive, she is doing well. Her red cell count is higher than it was when he met her 4 years ago. He
said, "it must be the herbs, do not stop taking them". Wow, now she thinks it was a good idea! Being almost 80 years old she has a regular routine and even though she didn't think those herbs were going to do her any good she took them like clockwork. AND THEY DID WORK!! Thank you Sharlene, you saved our awesome mother's life xxoo

Life is Good!

Jun 28, 2013 by Anonymous
First Name Required: Faye • 
Last Name Please: Holmes • 
Location Required: Scarborough, ME 

It is truly my pleasure to recommend Sharlene Spalding to anyone who wants to improve their health. She is dedicated to helping people heal in a non-traditional, but effective, affordable and very doable way.
I went to see Sharlene because although I have been cancer-free now for over 13 years I believe that the chemo and radiation "did a number" on me at the time and my health had gradually deteriorated. I had symptoms ranging from aching muscles to psoriasis, digestive issues and fatigue and felt like I was slowly dying. None of the doctors I went to wanted to treat the cause rather than the symptoms and I was unwilling to let them put more chemicals in my body.
I heard about Sharlene quite by chance and thought "free consultation, I had nothing to lose..." so I called and set up an appointment.
The consultation took about 2 hours. I explained my history and told her what my symptoms are. She explained that she would research my symptoms, then we would schedule a follow-up appointment when she would give me my plan, listing the herbs I should take for what conditions, tell me where to get them and explain everything.
Sharlene also stresses the importance of eating well and I feel it's that combination of herbs and eating really good, chemical-free food that has made a huge difference for me.
I started on her plan in November 2012 and within a few short weeks noticed that my aching muscles were much better and soon didn't ache at all. Other symptoms were also improving. I had more energy! When I had my annual check-up with the doctor in March everything had improved! My cholesterol had dropped almost 30 points, my sugar was better, etc, etc. That was the confirmation I needed that I really was healing and that Sharlene's plan was working. I no longer have the muscle aches, my joints are better, I have more energy and interest in life. I have more healing to do but have no doubt that it will continue. Life is Good!
Sharlene cares about her clients. She checks in with me occasionally and I know if I have any issues or concerns she's right there for me.
I am just so grateful that I found Sharlene and recommend her highly.

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