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Opened a door for me

Feb 25, 2012 by Anonymous
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I was excited to learn about Sharlene’s journey as a Naturopath. It opened a door for me to take charge of my health. I have had many health problems beginning at about age 30. From trans ischemic attack (or mini stroke) at age 31, an underlying autoimmune disease (which has yet to be given a name), a blood disorder causing clotting, depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, Reynaud’s phenomenon chronic headaches to an overactive thyroid. Yikes! I have been on more medications than I care to even think about. When I first sat down with Sharlene, I’m sure she was thinking “wow”. I gave her a list of my medications and she got started. The next time we met she presented me with detailed explanation of each medication and what its purpose was and how it was affecting my body. I learned more from her about the meds I was on in 5 minutes than I had learned in 10 years. I was on drugs that opened up my blood vessels, and drugs that were trying to close them. Hmmm, that didn’t seem right to me. No wonder I didn’t feel right. Each time we met, I was given more information about nutrition, new supplements and what to avoid. She opened so many doors for me. Since beginning my journey with Sharlene I have gone off Cymbalta completely. She gave me the tools to make it through the withdrawal process (which was months long). Those tools included teas, herbal supplements and tone therapy. Although it was a long process it was well worth it! I didn’t realize how badly that drug made me feel. I have reduced my Ativan from 1.5 tablets twice daily to .5 tabs twice daily. I have also reduced my Procardia from 90 mgs daily to 30 mgs daily. I realize that this journey is lifelong but I am willing to make that commitment for better overall health. I still have a long way to go, but have made huge progress already and with Sharlene’s help; I know I’ll get there! Thank you Sharlene!

The Village Naturopath 207-228-5805 PO Box 37 Casco ME, 04015 USA 4.9 5.0 7 7 Hello Sharlene ,I should have told you this along time ago. I had very risky surgery for a very risky situation in my neck last June. Everything went exceptionally well in many
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